WalzWerk – „WalzWerk“

9-song-album, released March 2nd 2018

what does WalzWerk do...

WalzWerk plays intelligent, multifaceted, modern progressive rock that repeatedly crosses the genre boundaries to enable every story told to take an unexpected turn. Fans of Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief or Riverside among others may feel comfortable with this quintet.

... so special?

WalzWerk immediately catches your ears and, with interesting songwriting and clever German lyrics, takes up as much space as possible in your head. Conquers the gut feeling with a wild mix of hard guitar riffs and spacey melodies and finally grasps the heart with passionate grooves, hand in hand with a casual sound.




The debut album WalzWerk was released on March 2nd 2018. The bands recommandations are the songs Bukanon, Epilepsie and Sinuston.


Album review from the magazine Gitarre&Bass, May 2018 ishue "act of the month" Gitarre&Bass Mai-Ausgabe 2018

Act des Monats

Album review from , May 2018  

Album review from dutch online magazine Dutch Progressive Rock Page , September 30th 2018

“WalzWerk is rock music for adults. Demanding but accessible. You just banged your head, the next moment you dream head cinema. And on stage, the lady and the four gentlemen create an extremely relaxed mood even during heavy metal parts. ", Frank Goosen, cabaret artist and author

“With so many people producing music these days the quality can vary. However I’m glad to say that I really enjoyed working on this album. I’m not really a fan of the label ‘prog’ but I get to master a lot of ‘prog’ music. For me prog has to be progressive. Rather than a copy of something from the 70s. So for me the WalzWerk album is very ‘progressive’ with a wide range of originality, influences and interest. Lots of big riffs that rock. Very tight. Interesting ambient sections that aren’t just random noises. Magnificent!“, Steve Kitch, Mastering Engineer und Keyboarder der Band The Pinapple Thief.

band members

  • Markus Lampe-Specht, drums
  • Jo Wamser, bass & keyboard/synthesizer
  • Lutz Fronczek, guitar
  • Felix Weis, guitar & voclas
  • Simone Goertz, vocals



Felix Weis email: 0179/5448441