Because every human being is able to be special to someone else, to ignite a fire in that other with a spark.

Überhitzt (overheated), from Rammsteinesque to ecstatic techno dance, peppered with an unusual, physical definition. Heat, fire and...
Hitze, Feuer und ….


The fire makes me hot
It glows white inside me
The heat burns inside me
I´m a fire animal

The water makes me wet
Sitting in a water glass
The water cools me down
The water is getting scarce

My soul is on fire
The body sweats
My heart, it glows
I am overheated

Fire burns hot
Sweat burns in my eyes
Hot water squirts
I am overheated

During the so-called phase transition of a substance from the liquid to the gaseous phase, the boiling point represents the condition that boiling or evaporation occurs. In the value range between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius one speaks of love. Another word for boiling point is vaporizing point, boiling point, or orgasm.

||: Fire, I am fire :||

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Musik: Jo Wamser
Text: Felix Weis & Simone Görtz

Special Guests: Maria Wolf und Klangtronik

Mix: Bruce Soord
Master: Steve Kitch

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