WalzWerk plays intelligent, multifaceted, modern progressive rock that repeatedly crosses the genre boundaries to enable every story told to take an unexpected turn. Stories that become more and more haunting and powerful until the end and suck everyone into an intense experience, full of sensory diversity and timbres.

Sometimes clear, sometimes playful, sometimes easier, sometimes complex, WalzWerk develops its songs progressive. Hard-hitting guitar riffs mix with accessible melodies and lyrics, guitar solos are accompanied by dub step beats and jazzy bass lines, shifted rhythms combine with powerful synthesizer sound waves. The contrast of the opposing vocalists is striking. And so you are not only carried away on powerful sound waves but also sucked into stories about life, longing and love.

Therefore WalzWerk also relies on outside inspiration. Ongoing work with other artists to create songs and shows is one of the core drives of the band in order to present itself as an overall concept for ears and eyes. With this interaction it is important for WalzWerk that the artists have a free hand to allow their interpretation and inspiration to run free. This is the only way to achieve the perfect synergy of music, images, message and emotion, without guidelines and with absolute artistic freedom.

WalzWerk is not only a band. WalzWerk is a project. Loud enough for big festivals but also so dramatically subtle that you want them on a theater stage to have enough space to concentrate on everything that happens artistically with all your senses.



„WalzWerk, das ist Rockmusik für Erwachsene. Anspruchsvoll, aber zugänglich. Gerade hast du noch den Head gebängt, im nächsten Moment träumst du Kopfkino. Und auf der Bühne erzeugen die vier Herren und ihre Gäste selbst im Radau eine überaus entspannte Stimmung.“, Frank Goosen, Kabarettist und Buchautor

“WALZWERK stands for intelligent, multifaceted rock. This goes straight to the ear and, with interesting songwriting and clever German lyrics, takes up as much space as possible in the head. Conquer the gut feeling with a wild mix of rocky broadside and spacey melodies. Finally grips the heart with passionate grooves, hand in hand with a casual sound. ”Album review on Ruhrgesichter.de

"Absolutely great!", Romy Schmidt, director of the Prinzregenttheater

“With so many people producing music these days the quality can vary. However I’m glad to say that I really enjoyed working on this album. I’m not really a fan of the label ‘prog’ but I get to master a lot of ‘prog’ music. For me prog has to be progressive. Rather than a copy of something from the 70s. So for me the WalzWerk album is very ‘progressive’ with a wide range of originality, influences and interest. Lots of big riffs that rock. Very tight. Interesting ambient sections that aren’t just random noises. Magnificent!“, Steve Kitch, Mastering Engineer und Keyboarder der Band The Pinapple Thief.


Magazine GUITAR & BASS: "Act of the Month" in the May 2018 edition

WalzWerk „Act of the Month" in the May 2018 edition magazine Gitarre&Bass

WDR2 "Scene in the West": Weekly winner in May 2018 during audience voting with the song Sinuston (with 70% of the votes cast)

Sinuston weekly winner at WDR2!